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Vinyl Subscription Services

by Shaun Beall on June 02, 2023


As an increasing number of music fans discover the joy of vinyl, there is a growing number of vinyl record subscriptions and record clubs available that can add to the overall experience of discovery and help to grow your collection. Below is a roundup of a few services that are interesting or unique. 

Black Box Record Club 


Black Box is perfect for streaming fans as they link to your Spotify profile to curate selections based on what you're streaming.

What Your Get: 2 records each month based on your unique musical taste, starting at $46/month. As a sweetener, each box also contains bonus items, such as stickers, art prints and note cards.

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Vinyl Moon

If you love discovering new music, then Vinyl Moon is perfect. Best described as a “mixtape on vinyl”, each release includes up-and-coming musicians pressed to beautiful colored vinyl with unique artwork created by a visual artist.

What you get:  A 10-track compilation LP of handpicked new bands. for $27-$30/month

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Tipitina's Record Club

Tipitina's is a historic live music club in New Orleans, particularly known for late night shows during Jazzfest. This subscription is curated by musicians, you can expect some gems from the vaults, never before heard rarities, out of print reissues, and new recordings - specializing in the music and culture of New Orleans and the Gulf South.

What you get: You'll receive 6 records per year for $200. 

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Magnolia Record Club

“Curated by artists, not robots”. This is a record club on a refreshingly human level. Every month, they ask a different artist to give us their personal thoughts on our featured Record of the Month. Past artist curators include Brandi Carlile and Wesley Schutlz (The Lumineers).

What you get: Monthly selection for $30/mo

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Vinyl Me, Please

VMP is the most widely known and established record club out there. With their core “Essentials” package, you will receive a deluxe edition vinyl each month, plus a collectible art print, and exclusive liner notes. Alternative options include the “classics” package for the best Jazz, Blues, & Soul. Or, the “Rap & Hip Hop” package, which features a broad range of artists and styles from across these genres. Monthly releases are announced before your record ships, so you can easily swap your record option if you’re not “feeling it.”

What you get: Monthly selection starts at $33/mo

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Turntable Kitchen

Nothing pairs together like food and music! Turntable Kitchen offers a curated food and music discovery experience. 

So if exploring great new music and unique monthly recipes is the experience you’re looking for, you’ll be dancing around the stove before you know it. 

What you get: 7-inch single, a digital mixtape, and the best seasonal recipes with 1-2 premium ingredients included.$25/mo

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Third Man Records Vault

For those who can't enough of Jack White (The man behind Third Man Records) and his unwavering dedication to the vinyl format.

His no-nonsense music sensibility is a huge draw for many, and a subscription to the quarterly Premium Vaults Club could be just the ticket if you’re a fan of both White’s broad range of projects, and the artists he endorses.

A Platinum Vault member will receive a package of limited edition, exclusive vinyl four times a year. Other contents of the package vary from pins and posters to patches and photo books.

What you get: Vault Membership is$75 per quarter, Vault members receive a package of limited edition, exclusive vinyl along with a 75% discount on a TIDAL membership.

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